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Games you didn’t play, but should: Battlefleet Gothic Armada

It’s the calm before the storm for a lot of us gamers. It’s been awhile since any huge releases and there isn’t another big title due for at least a month. I know you’re hungry for something to play, but […]


Games You Didn’t Play, But Should: Legend of Grimrock Series

You didn’t play Legend of Grimrock, or it’s sequel; Perhaps it flew under your radar, or you haven’t caught it during a steam sale, or maybe you just don’t like the style of the game. Whatever your reason was, I […]

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Empyrion – Galactic Survival Server

Server Info: High Performance Dedicated Server. Slots are set high for no player queue.  Server is auto restart play fields every 3 Hours.  30 Minute in game warning, with more warnings to follow until 3 minutes before reboot. No Admins for in [...]

TheVGG @ MLG Columbus

VGG Returned Safe The VGG has returned home safe and the MLG Major was an awesome event! We will type up some more about the trip and upload some more photos soon, but we need to get some CS in [...]

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  • img Arma 3
  • img Battlefield 4
  • img Counter Strike: GO
  • img DayZ
  • img Empyrion - Galactic Survival
  • img Fifa 2015
  • img Grand Theft Auto V
  • img Grid: Autosport
  • img H1Z1
  • img Heroes of the Storm
  • img Leagues of legends
  • img Overwatch
  • img Paragon
  • img Rust
  • img The Culling

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